This is the summary, more or less fortunate, of a Reddit thread called: People who live in third world countries, what things are part of their daily lives and people in first world countries would not understand or could not cope? Here in English.

That first paragraph sums it up perfectly. If you go from a First World country, a questionable term as we will see later, to a Third World country, the key to happiness is to move on and assume there will be a problem / delay / blackout and then be pleasantly surprised if it really works or not. It was as bad as you expected it to be.

I have lived and worked in developing countries. Some of them reflect a particular type of developing environment (postcolonial, tribal / collectivist, late enough to meet other societies). Some highlights:

If you have any kind of money and you show it, you only ask to be robbed or killed. In a first world country thieves wait until you leave home and then break into your home. In a third world country they will break into your home while you are there, rob you at gunpoint, rape your wife and daughter, and then kill your entire family. If you are lucky they will shoot you in the head or cut your throat, but God forbid, if they have sadistic tendencies then they will make it slow and painful. If you are rich, it is not worth living in a third world country unless you have armed security. All those wealthy families living in the Hampton’s or the Hollywood Hills (or their equivalents in the UK, France and Germany) don’t have to worry about their home being ransacked like a 10th century English town by murderous thieves.

Ah! the good old third world, if you walk down the street and someone asks you the time you can consider yourself robbed; if a car stops next to you, run; Are you going to a public university? Take the toilet paper, you will need it; Do you use public transportation to go to school or work? Better not miss the one you have to use or you will arrive at work about 40 minutes late (or even more); Are you in elementary or middle school and someone is bullying you? If you go to the principal or some shit like that your social life is dead the only thing you can do is take the shit out of the bully and I could go on and on and on. My favorite? We say the word “n” “nigger” as if it were something normal, we even use a nickname, the same with the fat ass (Please, do you take me out of Latin America?)

If you want to do something simple, like get a passport or receive a duplicate of your high school diploma, everything is handled by the government which is oversaturated, so it takes months, even years for things to happen … Unless you pay someone a small bribe, then it is done immediately.